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 Join the Conversation About Community Investment &

Economic Recovery

SLO Forward is a conversation with the community about the future needs, challenges, and vision of San Luis Obispo

The City is engaging the community about the services, maintenance and infrastructure they value most to ensure our community maintains and improves its character and quality of life.  With the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, these conversations are as important as ever.  

Please fill out the community survey on what your highest priorities are and read Frequently Asked Questions about SLO Forward.

The feedback will be presented to the City Council on July 21 to ensure the City has the resources to continue providing the services, maintenance and infrastructure the community values most.

These engagement efforts also include information about how the City's existing Local Revenue Measure has funded essential services and a basic level of infrastructure maintenance but is not enough to deliver the services and infrastructure the community values most.  Together, we can find local solutions that maintain our quality of life, now and into the future.

Through conversations with community members, a list of top priorities have emerged:

  • Economic recovery and protecting long-term fiscal stability

  • Protect creeks from pollution

  • Address homelessness

  • Keeping public areas safe and clean

  • Preserving open pace and natural areas

  • Addressing homelessness

  • Requiring all funds to be used locally to reinvest in the community

  • Helping ensure children have safe places to play

  • Preparing for wildfires and other disasters

  • Maintain public safety – police, fire emergency response

  • Provide traffic relief, repairing streets, sidewalks and potholes


We want you to join the conversation.  Communities work best when residents, businesses and organizations are engaged and working together for the good of all.  To learn more about SLO Forward, please consider watching this video:

To fill out the community survey, please click here


The City recently completed the 2020 Benchmark Study.  A benchmark study helps illustrate how the City of San Luis Obispo is performing compared to similar cities across a number of performance measures. This benchmark study evaluates the most current data on financial performance such as revenue diversity, expense allocation, staffing costs, debt management in addition to service level outcomes like crime rates, fire response and pavement condition.