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  • How Does COVID-19 Impact City Functions/Facilities?

    • City Public Meetings

      Due to the threat of COVID-19,  the City of San Luis Obispo will hold all public meetings via teleconference. There will be no physical location for the Public to attend the meeting. Below are instructions on how to view the meeting remotely and how to leave public comment.

      Remote Viewing - Members of the public who wish to watch the meeting:

       Public Comment - The City Council will still be accepting public comment. Public comment can be submitted in the following ways:

        • Mail or Email Public Comment
          • If received by 10:00 AM on the day of the meeting - comments can be submitted by email to or U.S. Mail to City Clerk at 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
          • If received after 10:00 AM and up until public comment is opened on the particular item - comments will be limited to one page, emailed to Submissions will then be read aloud during the public comment period for the item specified.
        • Verbal Public Comment - Call (805) 781-7164 and leave your comment in the form of a voice message. Please state and spell your name, mention the agenda item number you are calling about and leave your comment (3-minute limit applies). Verbal comments must be received by 10:00 AM on the day of the meeting in order to be forwarded to the City Council members and saved as agenda correspondence.


    • Actions the City has Taken to Address COVID-19

      The City has taken already taken several actions to reduce the impacts and limit the spread of COVID-19 including:

      1. Developed a Continuity of Operations Plan to ensure essential City services such as public safety, water and wastewater will remain in place.
      2. Providing regular updates to the public.
      3. Cancelling/Postponing Special Events.
      4. Cancelled Non-Essential Public Meetings
      5. Implemented safety guidelines for City employees and providing technology for employees to work from home.
      6. Temporarily closing City facilities to the public.
      7. Adjusting City bus routes to reflect local school closures, enacted measures for employee and rider safety.
      8. Activating the Emergency Operations Center.
      9. Temporarily suspending before and after school care programs for participant safety.

      Additionally, On March 17, 2020 the City adopted a Resolution proclaiming a local emergency within the City of San Luis Obispo related to the pandemic of virus known as COVID-19.

      For additional updates related to the City of San Luis Obispo, please visit www.slocity.orgcovid19.

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    • City Facilities

      The following changes will be effective Monday, March 16, through the end of March, or until such time that appropriate measures are in place to ensure public health and safety.

      The following public counters at City offices will be closed and operations changed, but service will be available using the following information:

      • Utilities Department, 879 Morro Street – (805) 781-7215 or
      • Parking Services, 2030 Chorro Street – (805) 781-7230
      • Corporation Yard, 25 Prado Road – (805) 781-7200

       Educational flyers about COVID-19 have been posted at City libraries, recreation centers, homeless shelters and City facilities. Print or download CDC resources  for your school or business.

    • Code Enforcement

      In an effort to reduce the risk of community spread of COVID-19, code enforcement will be prioritizing reported violations to immediate health and safety concerns and routine interior inspections will be limited.  Code enforcement will investigate and inspect complaints on a case-by-case basis, focusing on top priority complaints such as substandard housing, illegal construction and unsafe occupancy.   As this is an unprecedented time in our City, enforcement of many violations may be postponed or given flexible timelines for complianceFor more information, please visit:


    • Community Development

      Although City Facilities are closed, the Community Development Department will continue to provide all essential services to the community and we are actively working to develop new ways of providing these services while following CDC and Health Department guidelines. For more information on procedures for new submittals, resubmittals, and revisions to plans please visit the Community Development website.
    • Libraries

      The County of San Luis Obispo has closed all public library locations as a precaution to help prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The following locations will be closed until further notice:

       North County Region:

      • Atascadero Library
      • Cambria Library
      • Creston Library
      • San Miguel Library
      • Santa Margarita Library
      • Shandon Library

      Coastal Region:

      • San Luis Obispo Library
      • Cayucos Library
      • Los Osos Library
      • Morro Bay Library

      South County Region:

      • Arroyo Grande Library
      • Nipomo Library
      • Oceano Library
      • Shell Beach Library

      For the latest library updates, visit:



    • Parking

      Curbside Pickup: As a result of COVID-19, food delivery services have increased. SLO Parking Services in conjunction with Downtown SLO have reserved all limited time parking spaces in the Downtown area for curbside pickup. Curbside pickup is limited to 5 minutes and vehicles must remain occupied. The curbside pickup spaces are located on all corners throughout the Downtown area and will be bagged and signed to indicate curbside pickup. Businesses requesting additional spaces can contact the Parking Services Office to make arrangements.

      Delivery vehicles providing active pickup and delivery services will be exempt from the Downtown parking restrictions until further notice. Delivery vehicles must be marked and/or display visible company logos.

      During this impacted time, Downtown employees should continue to comply with the parking regulations in order to maintain accessible, available and convenient parking for Downtown customers.

      Customers wishing to park for an extended period are encouraged to utilize the parking structures (Marsh St. and 919 Palm). The 1st Hour of parking in all structures is free. Parking Services will be closing the Palm 842 parking structure beginning Thursday March 19, 2020 until further notice.

      Prox-card permit holders can utilize the Palm 919 parking structure. At this time Palm 842 permit holders will need to pull a ticket upon entry and present their card upon exit to the Parking Ambassadors who will assist them if necessary. Parking Services is working to transfer card access privileges to Palm 919 and will advise all permit holders once this is complete. We have also increased safety patrols throughout the structures and have requested additional cleaning of all areas from our vendor.

      Monthly, Quarterly, 10 Hour Meter Permits, & Prox-Cards: Payments can be made by using the Parking Services Office drop-box located at 1260 Chorro Street or by mailing a check to the office. Customers are required to provide name, mailing address and payment in full. Customers can indicate if they would like a receipt emailed or mailed to an address (must be provided).

      Citation Appeals & Payments: Citation Appeals and Payments can be made online or by using the Parking Services Office drop-box located at 1260 Chorro Street.

      Meter Bags: Physical meter bags will not be issued to all requesters. Contractors wishing to purchase meter bags will need to contact Matt LaFrenier to make arrangements. Businesses requesting to utilize meters for deliveries and pickups can be issued meter bags for a one week period. All arrangements can be made by contacting Parking Services during normal business hours via email or phone call.

      For questions, call 805.781.7230

    • Parks and Recreation - Childcare, Events, and Sports Information

      All City park playground structures are closed until further notice. Parks space and Open Space remain open (For trail closures due to rain, check

      • Parks and Recreation front desk is closed to the public until further notice. Please call 805-781-7300 for assistance.
      • Events: All events are cancelled through the end of April.
      • Classes and Activities: all classes and activities are suspended until further notice.

      City Facilities including the Damon-Garcia Sports Complex, all diamond sport fields, other turf fields and facilities are closed to all youth and adult sport programs, group play, drop-in play and permitted programs through the end of March, or until such time that appropriate measures are in place to ensure public health and safety.

      Facility Closures:

      • SLO Senior Center
      • SLO Swim Center
      • Ludwick Community Center
      • Jack House
      • Laguna Lake Golf Course
    • Public Safety

      There have been no changes to our staffing and Public Safety officers will continue to be deployed to respond to emergency calls for service.

      Fire - 2160 Santa Barbara Ave, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 - (805) 781-7380

      • Should members of the public arrive at Fire Station 1 needing emergency assistance, a “red-phone” is located at the front door which is connected directly to emergency dispatch. Additionally, a doorbell can be also pressed to alert the Station crew. As always, if you are experiencing an emergency, please continue to call 911.

      Police – 1042 Walnut Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 - (805) 781-7317

      Emergency operations and essential operations will not cease, the following is an explanation of what SLOPD is currently providing to the public. Please note that as this is a quickly changing situation, these provisions may change without advance notice.

      • Records will remain open, but the front door will remain locked and all initial contact will be made via the red phone. Records will no longer have any direct person to person contact with the public to minimize their exposure. Hours: Monday 9-5, Tuesday 10-5, Wednesday, 8-5, Thursday, 10-5, Friday closed.
      • If you need to make a report, please do not come to the police department, rather call the non-emergency line 805-781-7312 and request to make a report. An officer will be assigned to take the information over the phone.
      • Use Online Reporting to report the following: graffiti, vandalism, theft of property under $950, fraud phone scams, and lost property
      • Court ordered registrations shall be done by appointment via the red phone.
      • No ride-a-longs will be provided during this time.
      • Patrol officers will be using social distancing recommendations when interacting with the public and you may notice them wearing gloves and masks in the field.
      • Patrol officers may ask you to speak with them outside your home if it is safe to do so.
      • Patrol officers will still be patrolling our city, the detectives still investigating crimes, Records processing reports and Dispatch will be available 24/7 to get you the help you need. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate these challenging times with you while keeping San Luis Obispo safe. Please continue to lock your homes and vehicles, leave nothing of value in your cars and always report suspicious things when you see them.
    • Transit Information

      The safety of SLO Transit customers and employees is our top priority. We continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while accessing SLO Transit. Transit service levels will be monitored and adjusted as necessary to continue to provide basic services for the public while also allowing for services that promote social distancing and other individual risk minimization recommendations. promote social distancing and other individual risk minimization recommendations.

      SLO transit has enhanced its cleaning efforts to include disinfecting vehicles every 24 hours and individual spot cleaning during daily routes. The cleaning agents used in this effort are deemed effective for these purposes and approved by the FDA to kill viruses like COVID-19.  SLO Transit will also need the help of its passengers. Passengers are strongly encouraged to take only necessary trips and pursue alternatives to public transit if they are sick.

      Customers wishing to limit the use of touch points are encouraged to purchase tickets through the TRANSIT TOKEN App that can be found at:

      The following service change will be implemented on SLO Transit:

      • SLO Transit will continue to clean and disinfect all services vehicles on a 24-hour basis and as needed on individual runs during the day.
      • Drivers will utilize general precautions to reduce the spread of illness, such as wearing nitrile gloves.
      • SLO Transit encourages the use of onboard hand sanitizer stations when entering the vehicle.
      • SLO Transit encourages purchasing physical and digital bus passes and discourages the use of cash-fares to mitigate human contact with high touch areas.
      • SLO Transit is discontinuing Route 3AAA and 3BBB until further notice
      • SLO Transit is discontinuing school tripper services until further notice.
      • SLO Transit will be going to Weekend service effective 3/19/2020 at 5 pm and until further notice.