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Please select the email button in the right-hand column of the issue you are reporting. This will help us notify the correct staff and respond to the issue in a timely manner. You may also call the phone number listed to speak with staff from the appropriate department. Select "Any Issue" under All if the issue is not listed or for general assistance.

Any IssueAdministration(805) 781-7123
Complaint and Grievance Procedure under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation ActAdministration(805) 781-7200
Code ViolationDepartmentsPhone
Neighborhood ServicesCommunity Development(805) 594-8188
Code EnforcementCommunity Development(805) 594-8188
Fire HazardFire Department(805) 783-7775
Noise ViolationPolice Department(805) 781-7312
CrimePolice Department(805) 781-7317
Facilities and ParksDepartmentsPhone
Public ArtParks and Recreation(805) 781-7296
Open Space & TrailsParks and Recreation(805) 781-7302
TrailsParks and Recreation(805) 781-7302
Lost or Found Item at PoolParks and Recreation(805) 781-7288
Lost or Found Item Bus/TransitPublic Works(805) 541-2877
Park TreesPublic Works(805) 781-7220
Damaged or Defaced City Park FacilityPublic Works(805) 781-7220
Graffiti on City FacilityPublic Works(805) 783-7867
Parks MaintenancePublic Works(805) 781-7220
Sinsheimer Pool MaintenancePublic Works(805) 781-7200
Streets and SidewalksDepartmentsPhone
Abandoned VehiclePolice Department(805) 781-7312
Traffic SafetyPublic Works(805) 781-7200
Transit (City Bus)Public Works(805) 541-2877
Street TreesPublic Works(805) 781-7220
Street Light Out (Hotline)Public Works(805) 783-7700
Traffic Signal IssuePublic Works(805) 781-7200
Pot HolePublic Works(805) 781-7220
Sidewalk Damage or Trip HazardPublic Works(805) 781-7220
Street MaintenancePublic Works(805) 781-7220
City SignsPublic Works(805) 781-7220
Broken Parking MeterPublic Works(805) 781-7230
Abandoned Furniture in Public Right-of-WayUtilities(805) 781-7215
Transient EncampmentDepartmentsPhone
Transient Encampment on Private PropertyCommunity Development(805) 594-8188
Transient Encampment in Open Space AreaParks and Recreation(805) 431-4424
Criminal Activity at Transient EncampmentPolice Department(805) 781-7312
Transient Encampment on Public PropertyPublic Works(805) 781-7025
Water & WastewaterDepartmentsPhone
Water Waste ViolationUtilities(805) 781-7215
Establish Water/Sewer ServiceUtilities(805) 781-7133
Start or Stop Water/Sewer ServiceUtilities(805) 781-7133
Emergency Water LeakUtilities(805) 781-7215
Emergency Sewer OverflowUtilities(805) 781-7215
Stormwater ViolationUtilities(805) 781-7215
Schedule a Shut Off For Plumbing RepairsUtilities(805) 781-7215
Low Water Pressure ComplaintUtilities(805) 781-7215
Drinking Water Questions/ConcernsUtilities(805) 781-7270
Sewer/Wastewater Odor IssueUtilities(805) 781-7215