Staff Directory

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Sadowski, MarkBuilding and Safety Supervisor Community Development(805) 781-7184
Schwartz, Luke Transportation ManagerPublic Works(805) 781-7190
Scott, Shawna Senior PlannerCommunity Development(805) 781-7176
Seitz, SharonHuman Resources SpecialistHuman Resources(805) 781-7254
Setterlund, DavidRecreation Supervisor (Community Services)Parks and Recreation(805) 781-7067
Sheats, Steven Code Enforcement Officer IICommunity Development(805) 783-7841
Shuck, IsaacFleet Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works(805) 781-7046
Simpson, PhyllisSupervising Administrative AssistantPublic Works(805) 781-7014
Sims, ShannonAdministration Executive AssistantAdministration(805) 781-7123
Slusher, TinaPlans ExaminerCommunity Development(805) 781-7157
Smith, JeffreyAdministrative CaptainPolice Department(805) 781-7321
Stanwyck, ShellyInterim DirectorPublic Works(805) 781-7294
Stephenson, LindseyRecreation ManagerParks and Recreation(805) 781-7070
Sutter, NickoleAnalyst IIHuman Resources(805) 781-7251

The following staff directory identifies key representatives from all City Departments. This is not a complete listing of all City staff. Typical business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.