Planning Application Checklists

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 NOTE: All permits require submission of a PLANNING APPLICATION FORM


Planning Application Checklists for Homeowners

Entitlement Name


Director's Action (DA)

Required for additions to structures that do not conform with the Zoning Regulations such as setbacks or height; administrative (no public hearing).

 Tiny Homes on Wheels Tiny Homes on Wheels in the backyard of on a site with an owner-occupied single-family residence, will become available effective March 7, 2019.

Minor Architectural Review (ARCMI)

Required for projects involving a historically significant property, an environmentally sensitive site, or a proposal that is out of scale and character with the neighborhood. May also be required as a condition of approval for a previously approved entitlement.

Cultural Heritage Committee (CHC)

Required for new structures, additions and certain modifications to historically significant structures/properties; public hearing.Click here to access a guide on the required review level for projects on Historic Properties and within Historic Zones.

Administrative Use Permit (USE)

Required for requested exceptions to the Zoning Regulations (e.g. height, setbacks, parking, front yard paving) and for new uses proposed on sensitive sites.

Special Event Permit (SEP)

Required for any special event. Requires submission of a site plan and operating characteristics (# attendants, parking info, time/day, etc.). $211.43 fee for non-profit events; $836.29 fee for all other events. Contact the Planning Department for more information.

Home Occupation Permit

Required for any home occupation.


If you're not sure what type of permit(s) you need for your project, or if you need more information about your property (e.g. Zoning, Historic info, etc.), please contact the Planning or Building Department - Please send an email with a short project description, any questions you may have, and your contact information; or

Visit our office at 919 Palm Street  (Public Counter Hours: M-F 8AM-3PM); or

Call us:

Building and safety information (including requests for inspection) (805) 781-7180.

Planning and zoning information (805) 781-7170.

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