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The City of San Luis Obispo GIS Division produces both interactive and printable PDF maps for public consumption. Click on the links listed below to explore city maps of various topics.

City Planning Maps

  • Parcel Information - Interactive map with address search, Parcel, Zoning, Historic Zones, General Plan Zones and Flood Zone Information. For instructions on how to use the Parcel map, visit the Parcel Viewer Help webpage.

  • City Zoning MapThe Zoning Map establishes the zoning designation that applies to every property within the City of San Luis Obispo, which controls how that property can be used and developed. It is adopted by an ordinance of the City Council. This is a printable (PDF) version of the map.

  • City General Plan Map - The General Plan Map is the blueprint for the future of the City of San Luis Obispo, establishing a pattern for orderly development. It is adopted by a resolution of the City Council. This is a printable (PDF) version of the map.

  • Current Development Projects - Interactive story map of projects happening in the city.

  • Historical PropertiesInteractive story map of Mills Act and Master List Properties.

  • Toilet Retrofit Information - Interactive map for verifying toilet retrofit status by address.

Emergency Preparedness Maps

Location and Navigational Maps

Points of Interest

Public Art 

Environmental and Recreation Maps

  • Open Space Story Map - Interactive story map showing the location of the City's open spaces  with links to printable PDF topographic trail maps for each open space.

  • Bicycle Rack Donation Program Map - Improve our community by donating a bike rack and receive permanent recognition. Program details.

  • Bike Map - Bicycle amenities, bike paths, bike lanes, and bike rack locations.

  • Bicycle Transportation Plan Map - current and proposed bicycle infrastructure.

  • Soils Map - Interactive map of soil textures and drainage classes of San Luis Obispo soils.

  • Heritage Trees - Interactive map with photo and details of trees with historical value or significant arboricultural interest in San Luis Obispo.

City Infrastructure Maps

Neighborhood Wellness

  • Make Change Count - Interactive story map of locations to put your pocket change or credit cards to work to help our community provide better support services to the local homeless while increasing public safety!

  • Neighborhood Officers - Interactive story map of the 13 neighborhood officer areas with photos and officer contact info.


  • Interactive maps have been formatted for viewing on laptops, Smartphone, and tablet devices. See the Interactive Maps Gallery for a concise list of all maps with this functionality.
  • All printable maps can be viewed using Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free. getacro     
  • For virtual tours of City Parks, Open Space Trails and Community Gardens visit the Google Map View Photo Sphere webpage.
  • For more information about the Division that manages these maps, visit the GIS & Mapping Division webpage.

Note: Loading time will vary depend on your internet access speed. Periodically, the map server may be unavailable during routine maintenance— usually about fifteen minutes. If any of the maps are unavailable for more than thirty minutes, please contact the GIS Supervisor or call (805) 781-7189.

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