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Interactive Map Gallery

View Interactive Maps from a laptop, Smartphone, or tablet


Parcel Information, Current Projects in the City & Historic Proprieties!


Parcel Viewer Map

Current Development Projects Map

Historic Properties Map

  Instructions for the Parcel Viewer Mapping Application can be viewed on the Parcel Viewer Help webpage


City's Points of Interest, Public Art, and Utility Box Art

Points of Interest Map

Public Art Map

Utility Box Art Map


Interactive Open Space With Links to Printable Trail Maps & Community Gardens

Open Space and Trail Maps

            Community Gardens


Make Change Count - Donation Meters to help fight the homeless problem in our community.  Neighborhood Officer & Monthly Incident Statistics

Make Change Count Map

Neighborhood Officer Map


 Learn more about solutions to the Homeless problem!


Bike Map, Bicycle Transportation Plan Map, & Bike Rack Dedication Program

Bike Map

Bicycle Transportation Plan Map

Racks with Plaques Bike Rack Dedication Program Maps



Sidewalk Ramp Map &  Street Sweeping Map 

Street Schedule Map

Sidewalk Ramp Map



Laguna Lake Memorial Trees & City's Heritage Trees

Laguna Lake Memorial Trees Map

Heritage Trees of San Luis Obispo Map



Neighborhood Traffic Management Map

Traffic Counts & Speed Surveys Map

For more information about the department who manages these maps, visit the GIS & Mapping Division webpage.


Interactive Maps

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