Smartphone Mapping Apps

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Access storyboard maps on your Smartphone

Become more familiar with San Luis Obispo as you navigate the City with mobile access to maps identifying points of interests, public art, historical properties, and more.

 Interact with City Maps on your Smartphone with the ESRI ArcGIS App

Currently Available SLO City Maps:

  • City trails and Open Space 
  • Bike Map
  • Heritage Trees
  • SLO Points of Interest
  • Art Around Town
  • Utility Box Art
  • Historic Properties
  • Make Change Donation Meters
  • Laguna Lake Memorial Trees
  • Sidewalk Ramps
  • City Street Sweep Schedule
  • Public Toilet Locations

Accessing Maps with the ESRI ArcGIS App:    EsriPhoneAppIcon 

First download the free Esri ArcGIS App on your smartphone or tablet by searching for the ESRI ArcGIS App in Google Play or the Apple Store.




Then open the ESRI ArcGIS App and use the search feature to find "City of San Luis Obispo Smartphone Maps" under the "Groups" tab.

Add these maps to your favorites tab for easy future access.