GIS Division Goals and Activities

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The City of San Luis Obispo GIS Division is a component of the City's Finance and Information Technology Department. It is our mission to:

"Provide accurate and comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) for managing our resources, making informed decisions, and expediting work processes."


Program Goals:

  • Developing and implementing an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date Geographic Information System.
  • Providing quick and easy access to GIS information with reasonable security.
  • Promoting use of GIS to expedite work process.


Major Activities:

GIS Data Management and Maintenance

Establishing and enforcing accuracy standards, update procedures, and database compatibility for GIS data; coordinating data sharing with local, state, and federal government; creating and developing new GIS data.

GIS Applications Development and Analysis

Developing custom applications, interactive maps, and specific project map documents for analysis and inquiry of GIS information; performing complex GIS analysis.

GIS Training and Assistance

Conducting training classes to city-wide GIS users, tutoring and assisting individual GIS user on a specific project, and answering technical questions.

Cartography and Presentation

Producing informative maps, reports, and digital graphics; assisting with presentation of geographic information.


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 We welcome the opportunity to address any questions or concerns regarding the services the GIS Division provides. Please email GIS Supervisor David Yun (dyun@slocity.org, 805-781-7189).