GIS & Mapping Division

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Welcome to the City of San Luis Obispo GIS & Mapping Division

Geographic information and maps are very important to most operations in the City of San Luis Obispo and are used on a daily basis to support City departments such as Planning, Police, Parks and Recreation, Fire, Public Works and the City Council. GIS technologies provide a visual and geographical platform for managing City operations  and  provide a framework for information sharing. This enhances the ability of City government personnel to efficiently support  important City functions such as asset management, natural and cultural resources management, and public safety.

GIS & Mapping Division Services

The GIS & Mapping Division provides Maps for the public via downloadable PDF maps as well as interactive mapping applications for viewing and investigating all sorts of city data including zoning, land use, historic properties, police incidents, and more.  


Download GIS data for personal GIS analyses from the ESRI Online Open Data portal.

Access City GIS maps with the GIS Smartphone App to better discover San Luis Obispo as you navigate the City.

For virtual tours of City Parks, Open Space Trails and Community Gardens visit the Google Map View Photo Sphere webpage.

For more information about the City of San Luis Obispo GIS & Mapping Division, visit the GIS Division Goals & Activities webpage.




We would welcome the opportunity to address any questions or concerns regarding the services the GIS Division provides. Please email GIS Supervisor David Yun (  805-781-7189)