City Goals

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City of San Luis Obispo 2019-21 Goals


These represent the most important, highest priority goals for the City to accomplish over the next two years, and as such, resources to accomplish them are included in the 2019-21 Financial Plan.

Housing: Facilitate the production of housing with an update of the Housing Element, including an emphasis on affordable housing (including unhoused people) and workforce housing through the lens of climate action and regionalism.

Fiscal Sustainability and Responsibility: Continue to implement the City’s Fiscal Responsibility Philosophy with a focus on efficiencies, strategic economic development, unfunded liabilities, and infrastructure financing (Funding the Future).

Sustainable Transportation: Enhance accessible regional transit, bicycle, and pedestrian mobility to promote a transition to a car-free or shared-car lifestyle and to reduce greenhouse gases.

Climate Action: In response to the climate crisis, continue to update and implement the Climate Action Plan for carbon neutrality, including preservation and enhancement of our open space and urban forest and planning for resilience.

Downtown Vitality: Support the economic and cultural heart of the City with attention to safety, maintenance, infrastructure, and amenities.