Homeowner's Guide to Storm Preparation

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Drainage Maintenance

One of the best ways to prepare for the winter rains is to clean and maintain storm drains and culverts by removing debris from your property to allow for the free flow of potential flood water. According to the City’s Municipal Code, homeowners are responsible for ensuring that drainage is cleaned and maintained in a manner that does not restrict the “natural or engineered flow of water”. All residents and homeowners should be checking and clearing any culverts or drain pipes under driveways or elsewhere on the homeowner’s property, and removing debris from ditches and waterways to ensure unimpeded flow.

To prepare for the upcoming rainy season all residents and homeowners should:

  • Clear and check proper operation of roof gutters and downspouts and use a downspout extension to direct water away from the house foundation; install gutter guards or screens if debris routinely plugs gutters and downspouts;
  • Grade the yard and landscaping to slope away from house to provide drainage;

  • Trim trees that are hanging onto or scraping against roofs, and inspect and trim low hanging branches that overhang roads to allow for clear passage of vehicles.

  • Ensure that leaves and grass are not blown into streets, ditches, ponds or other waterways, as the debris will plug inlets and pipes, increasing the risk for localized flooding.

  • Beware! After a long period of drought followed by significant rainfall, many local trees, especially our numerous lovely oaks, will be extremely vulnerable to breakage and falling. Keep a watchful eye out, especially for power lines that may be knocked down by fallen trees.

  • Be ready for possible storm related power outages by checking flashlight batteries and making sure to have plenty of non-perishable food and water on hand.

  • If needed, purchase sandbags which are available at local hardware stores, including Miner’s and Home Depot, and Farm Supply. Sand to fill the sandbags is made available by the City at The City’s Corporation Yard Parking lot, Laguna Lake Golf Course Parking Lot, Santa Rosa Park Parking Lot, and Sinsheimer Park Parking Lot. Please remember to bring your own shovel!

  • And finally, keep this number handy. When the rains come, if unusual flooding of streets or other storm facilities occurs, call local dispatch at (805) 781-7312 right away.

Sand Bag Information

Where do I buy sand bags?(See map)


  • Home Depot
    1551 Froom Ranch Way, SLO

  • Farm Supply Co.
    224 Tank Farm, SLO

  • Miner's Hardware
    2034 Santa Barbara, SLO

Where do I fill my sand bags?
(See map)

***Sand will be deposited at the locations listed below only in anticipation of a forecasted, significant rain event (2-3+ inches)***

  1. City Corporation Yard parking lot
    25 Prado Road

  2. Laguna Lake Golf Course parking lot
    11175 Los Osos Valley Road

  3. Santa Rosa Park parking lot
    190 Santa Rosa Street

  4. Sinsheimer Park parking lot
    900 Southwood Drive

Location Map

Sand Bag Location Map

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