Ground Water

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The City transitioned from utilizing groundwater for potable purposes with the last withdrawal occurring in April 2015. The City’s groundwater wells remain in an operable, stand-by position should the use of groundwater be required. Other existing well casings are being revitalized to provide greater drought resiliency. The City is also working with a hydrogeologist to site a future well field for a potential groundwater program expansion and for siting of the withdrawal of highly treated wastewater for an indirect potable reuse system. 

With the emergency drought declaration in 2015, the City established a permit fee and procedures for use of the Corporation Yard groundwater well. The program was started in recognition of the drought and the importance of the groundwater resources and the management of this resource to community and others within the San Luis Groundwater Basin. During 2016 that permit program entered its second year and had 40 participants.

Non-potable well water is also used at the Laguna Lake Golf Course for landscape irrigation.

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