Water Sources

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San Luis Obispo's investment in multi-source water supply helping ease the impact of the drought

While our memories can quickly fade, the 1987-1991 drought had a profound effect on San Luis Obispo and those who experienced it can vividly recall the impacts. The subsequent decisions made and actions taken by City Council, community members, and staff to secure reliable water resources for the City are paying dividends. Investment in a multi-source water supply allows for responsible use even following the driest years on record.

As with any precious resource, it should be used wisely and efficiently. The City has four primary water supply sources including Whale Rock Reservoir, Salinas Reservoir, Nacimiento Reservoir, and recycled water (for irrigation), with groundwater serving as a fifth supplemental source. The Utilities Services Section is available to assist with questions regarding drought, irrigation practices, and water-wise landscaping. Please contact Utilities Services with any questions 805-781-7217

Salinas Reservoir   Whale Rock 

Salinas Reservoir


Whale Rock Reservoir

Nacimiento   Groundwater

Nacimiento Reservoir


Ground Water

Recycled Water  

Recycled Water


 Reservoir Levels