Water Distribution System Improvements

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Repairs and Replacements

Based on pipeline maintenance requirements, certain water lines are selected each year for replacement. The Public Works Department designs, manages and inspects these projects to ensure the new infrastructure meets the objectives set forth by the City. The Water Distribution crew from the Utilities Department is in charge of daily maintenance and emergency repairs.

 The Water Distribution programs seeks to:

  • Ensure reliable water services to our residents and businesses
  • Reduce the need for emergency repairs
  • Enhance available fire protection flows

Transmission Main

New section of transmission main installed below ground on Miossi Rd

The assumed useful life expectancy of water lines is 50 years and most water lines proposed for replacement were originally installed in 1940s, 50s and early 60s. They are substandard, deteriorated and leaking, and cannot effectively handle the capacity demanded by a growing city population. Replacing these water lines results in lower costs and reduced customer impacts that would otherwise be associated with emergency repairs. It also provides more staff time for preventive maintenance, which prolongs the expected service life of water distribution facilities and equipment. New water lines provide better service levels, eliminate capacity issues and improve water flow for fire protection.

Miossi Transmission Main  

New section of transmission main assembled above ground on Miossi Rd.

~  For more information regarding water distribution, please visit our Utilities Department.  ~