Tank, Pump Station, Well Site Maintenance

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The Water Distribution Section is responsible for maintenance, upkeep and monitoring of all potable water tanks, pump stations, and well sites.  An effective preventative maintenance plans ensures that all assets in at these locations are inspected, maintained, and kept in proper working condition at all times.  Using the City's GIS database and a computerized maintenance management system staff is able to schedule preventative and predictive maintenance to keep equipment in proper working condition.  These preventative and predictive maintenance cycles help to extend the lifecycle of pumps, motors, tanks, pipes, valves, and various other equipment


TankWater tanks and reservoirs provide the City with a water storage that helps ensure fire protection, constant acceptable water pressure, and emergency reserve storage to meet all needs.  Staff inspects tanks and tank sites for faulty equipment, corrosion, security breaches, and a variety of other things to ensure that our water tanks are in proper working condition to provide storage for the City's various needs.

Pump Stations

The water distribution system has several pump stations in town that are used to pump water to the far reaches and upper elevations of the City.  Maintaining pump stations requires staff to perform preventative and predictive maintenance on pumps, motors, piping, valves, telemetry, and various other assets to ensure that pump stations can deliver water to storage facilities consistently and economically.  Staff conducts inspections of this equipment in order to ensure that equipment is rebuilt and maintained in order to keep it from breaking.  Our steadfast effort to maintain our equipment allows us to provide water to the community 24/7/365.  It is very rare for members of our community to be out of water.  If you do not have water at your house this could be a sign of a large issue; please call us immediately if this is the case (805) 781-7215. 

Well Sites

The Utilities Department still operates a few wells across town.  These wells are secondary water sources that provide the City with an additional water source and added supply stability.  The distribution team works closely with the water treatment team to maintain these well sites and ensures that all wells sites are safe, secure, and always in proper working condition.