Meter Repairs & Replacement

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Water meters are our most accessible and abundant asset.  With nearly 15,000 water meters across the city, keeping up with our meter replacement strategy is a very important task.  As meters age they generally record only a fraction of the total amount of water that is passing through them.  These inaccuracies are accounted for by replacing water meters every 15-20 years.  Along with meter replacements the meter repair and replacement crew also maintains meter boxes, curb stops, and GIS records about meter details.

Meter Replacements

With water meters ranging from 5/8" to 6" in diameter, there is a wide variety of work that can go into replacing a water meter.  As meter age and become less accurate, it is essential to replace them with new meters that provide accurate consumption records and allow both homeowners and the utilities department to easily and accurately read the meter.  Replacing water meters requires staff to temporarily shut water off to the home or business while the new meter is being installed. 

Meter Box Maintenance

Maintaining meter boxes and the area around meter boxes is essential for quick, safe access for both the customer and utilities staff.  Meter boxes provide protection to valves, piping, and the meter itself.  Replacement of meter boxes also keeps gophers from filling the boxes with dirt.  In order to maintain ease of access, the meter replacement crew also replaces and maintains meter boxes.