Stormwater Collection System Maintenance

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The Stormwater Collection System consists of inlets, storm mains, manholes, rock guards, grates and other collection points.  The wastewater collection division works in conjunction with the public works department to maintain the stormwater system.  Staff cleans the inlets, mains, and manholes,  as well as inspections on the buried infrastructure, because we have the specialized equipment and expertise to perform these duties.


The inspections are performed by two crews depending upon the infrastructure being evaluated.  The storm cleaning crew does visual inspections of the manholes, inlets and some short storm mains.  Some inspections can be performed with a specialized camera called a “quickview” camera, capable of video or capturing still photographs of defects.


Storm mains which have bends, or are longer in length are inspected by the Collections CCTV camera crew and documented in videos and defects are entered into an inspection program, and documented in Cityworks for future reference.


The Storm crew cleans inlets and manholes by pressure-washing the structure and vacuuming the debris from the structure.  They have a specialized truck similar to the wastewater combination truck, but higher capacity.  To clean the mains they use a high-pressure nozzle that breaks up debris and drags it back to the manhole or inlet they are working from and the large amounts of debris are vacuumed and trucked to a disposal site..