Pump Station Maintenance

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The collection pump station crew is charged with maintenance and repair of our 9 pump stations.  Our entire collection system staff is trained in confined-space entry and rescue, pump maintenance and repair, basic electrical, and basic telemetry troubleshooting (SCADA).  

Routine Maintenance

The collection system has 9 pump stations that “lift” sewage from low points in town.  The collection system is known as a gravity system, meaning it flows downhill and there is no pressure in the pipes.  When it hits a low point it needs to be pumped to a higher elevation where it can continue to flow downhill again.  These pump stations need general maintenance every two weeks to guarantee proper operation.  There are filters to change, pump controllers to check and other mechanical devices to keep in proper working order.

We have two types of pump stations – wet pit, dry pit stations (6) and submerged pump stations (3).  Dry pit stations have all their workings underground in a dry pit and the sewage collects next door in a wet pit or wetwell. 

steel dry pit 

*Dry pit station


*Submersible Pump Station

Performance Testing                    

Once a year our crew does performance testing on our pump stations to check for wear on our mechanical systems.  There is non-routine maintenance done at this time such as oil changes, wear plate tolerances checked, and pump station controllers tested for proper function.

Emergency Response preparedness

Our pump stations have controllers that automate the operation of the stations and are programmed to alarm our standby person in case of an emergency.  Some of the pump stations have their own onsite backup power and others are wired to be powered with a portable generator to provide uninterrupted service during power outages or other related emergencies.