Construction & Repairs

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The construction and repair crew repairs defects found in the mains, conduct manhole repairs, and make repairs to concrete collars around manholes.  Concrete collars get broken regularly due to heavy traffic from trucks and buses, and mains incur damage due to age, material failure and getting hit by contractors.

Conventional repairs

Most repairs to the sewer system are done with conventional repair methods.  Asphalt streets are cut and the mains are exposed by excavating with a backhoe.  Defective pipe is removed then replaced with more modern materials.

Pipe patch

Pipe Patch is a brand name of a pipe lining process we use to repair pipe from the inside using a resin repair kit.  The pipe patch is wrapped around an inflatable plug and inserted into the main where the defect is located.  The inflatable plug is inflated to a specified pressure and then left in place for the resin to cure (usually two hours +/-).  Then the plug is deflated and removed leaving a cured-in-place fiberglass pipe repair, restoring the host pipe back to new condition.