Collection System Inspections

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The wastewater collections division has a two-person crew dedicated to inspection of the wastewater collection.  The staff is NASSCO ( certified to inspect pipe condition using the industry standard program - Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP).  The crew is responsible for a variety of types of inspections to assess the wastewater infrastructure condition.

CCTV Sewer Main Inspections

The City of San Luis Obispo has sewer mains currently in use that date from the 1880s to the present.  The older mains may function correctly, but are made of materials that may be considered substandard by today’s criteria.  Mains are inspected with a self-propelled robotic camera system that inspects the condition by travelling through the inside of the pipe.  Defects commonly observed are cracks, missing pipe, roots, grease, offsets, sags and other indications of condition, or failure of pipe materials.  These defects are logged into the IT Pipes inspection database which gives the main an overall condition rating, as well as a structural and maintenance rating.  This information helps determine how soon the sewer main needs replacing.  The goal is to have the entire collection system inspected and logged into a database for use as a long range replacement strategy tool.

The inspection crew responds to sewer main blockages to determine what caused the blockage and assess how to prevent a blockage in that location in the future, either through maintenance, repair or replacement of the affected main.  They also inspect the installation of new sewer mains to ensure the City of San Luis Obispo gets the best possible product installed by contractors, for their customers.

Creek Crossing Inspections

The Collections inspection crew has a program where twice yearly, the sewer mains crossing any creeks get inspected for exposure and condition.  The exposed crossings are visually inspected and photographs taken to document their condition.  Protecting the environment is very important to us and this is a key part of preventing a direct accidental discharge to water bodies, such as a creek.  The information is compiled and entered into our Cityworks database for historical reference and to show compliance if audited by any regulatory agency such as CA Fish and Wildlife.

Infrastructure Inspection Other Than Sewer Mains

The inspection crew inspects any related infrastructure associated with wastewater collection.  This includes manholes, storm water mains, storm inlets, and mutual aid.  Our specialized equipment is suited for many applications for other departments and we assist in locating pipes, inspecting infrastructure for other departments.  We are the “camera guys.”

Sewer Service Lateral Inspection 

The inspection crew has equipment to inspect laterals owned by the City of San Luis Obispo.  These are only facilities as the laterals from commercial or houses are privately-owned.  The crew does review videos of private laterals submitted to the City due to conditions placed by Community Development such as lateral reuse or new replacement of some laterals.

The City of San Luis Obispo requires that all privately owned laterals be kept in a structurally sound condition. We help the private citizen with information on how to maintain their lateral and advice on replacing faulty laterals when asked.