Imagine A Day Without Water

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Imagine A Day Without Water Art Contest 2017

To participate in the 2018 contest, please submit your child's art by October 5,2018! 

The Utilities Department participated in the National Value of Water Campaign and invited students in 3rd through 5th Grade to submit drawings of what they imagine a day without water looks like. We had over 50 submissions and the winners received a gift certificate to a local business. We'd like to thank all those who participated in this and hope to see even more next year!



All submissions have been uploaded in the photo albums at the bottom of this page

Grade 3: Everly Seaquist, *Winner*





Grade 3, Winner

Everly Seaquist







Grade 4: Alssa Neville, *Winner*





Grade 4, Winner

Alssa Neville







Grade 5: Frida Vega, *Winner*








Grade 5, Winner

Frida Vega










Grade 3: Andy Alarcon Pineda, Honorable Mention




         Grade 3: Andy Alarcon Pineda




Grade 4: Luca Fissell, Honorable Mention 



           Grade  4: Luca Fissell





Grade 5: Emma Knight, Honorable Mention




            Grade 5: Emma Knight 









Imagine A Day Without Water Art Contest Submissions

Updated on 11/02/2017 11:55 AM

Students in 3rd Grade through 5th grade were invited to participate in our Day Without Water Art Contest.