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Be sure to check the Rider Alerts and Transit News page for updates that could affect your route!

Rider Alert - Effective June 17, 2019

Timepoint refinements will be implemented on June 17, 2019.
View the modified schedules here: 1A, 1B, 2A, 3A, 3B, 4A, 48.

Route 1B will be extended to serve San Luis Airport. View modified route and schedule here.

Summer service begins for all routes.

Rider Alert - Effective July 1, 2019

Discounted 31-Day Senior/Disabled Pass will be $18.00, per the City's adopted fare structure.

See additional fare information here.

Route Schedules:

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3A_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base line3B_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base line4A_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base line4B_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base lineSLT_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base lineLT_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base lineHT_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base line6X_Icon&Info download button_downward arrow_base line

PDF Sizes: 1A (397 kB), 1B (300 kB), 2A (401 kB), 2B (319 kB), 3A (409 kB), 3B (329 kB), 4A (374 kB),
4B (290 kB), SLT (510 kB), LT (590 kB), HT (492 kB), 6X (477 kB)


SLO Tripper (SLT)

Effective August 20, 2018, the SLO Tripper (SLT) is your route connection from Downtown to the San Luis Drive neighborhood. The San Luis Tripper makes two short-looped morning and afternoon trips starting at the Transit Center and servicing SLO High School and other SLO Transit stops, alleviating high ridership and roadway congestion during the morning and afternoon travel periods. View schedule here.

Laguna Tripper (LT)

Effective August 20, 2018, the Laguna Tripper (LT) is your route connection from Downtown to Los Osos Valley Road (LOVR). The Laguna Tripper makes one morning and afternoon trip that coincides with Laguna Middle School bell times, servicing Downtown, Foothill Blvd, and Los Osos Valley Rd, alleviating high ridership and roadway congestion during the morning and afternoon travel periods. View schedule here.

Old SLO Trolley

The Old SLO Trolley runs a fixed route on Monterey Street and loops through downtown. Days and time of service vary depending on the time of year. See the Trolley Schedule for details or visit Old SLO Trolley on Facebook.

Printed Maps + Schedules

Available at the following locations:

  • City buses
  • SLO County Library (995 Palm)
  • Cal Poly University Union (1 Grand Avenue)

Available at every pass sale outlet:

  • City Finance Counter (990 Palm)
  • SLO Chamber of Commerce (895 Monterey)
  • Boo Boo Records (978 Monterey)
  • SLO High ASB Store (1499 San Luis Drive)
  • Laguna Middle School (11050 LOVR)

If visually impaired, please call 805.541.2877.

Google Trip Planning

Google Maps icon

This tool can be used to locate SLO City transit route info using Google Transit. Enter your start and end locations. It will suggest the closest bus stops, route, next scheduled stop times.

Bus Tracker App

Know exactly where your bus is by using one of the following tools:

On your computer:


On your phone:

Available_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_0824 en_app_rgb_wo_60

Find the current location of your bus by selecting the banner icons above. The Bus Tracker App will show you where our bus is, locate the closest stop to your present location, push Rider Alert information from our Twitter feed, and you can set it to send you alerts for arrival times!

511 Trip Planning

Multimodal trip planning is available at

Call to Inquire

  • For SLO Transit trip planning only, call the dispatch center: 805.541.2877
  • For Countywide trip planning help, contact: 511logosmall