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Providing Transportation for the City of San Luis Obispo since 1974

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16The City of San Luis Obispo’s Transit Division operates a quality fixed route service, as well as a seasonal Trolley. Travel conveniently from neighborhoods to major shopping centers, local schools, including Cal Poly, medical offices, and work sites on one of SLO Transit’s eight fixed routes.

The Old SLO Trolley is a charming and fun way to get from the hotels on north Monterey Street to Downtown SLO on Thursdays for the weekly Farmers Market and, in the warmer months, you can ride the Trolley on Fridays and Saturdays.

Rider Alert - Effective July 28, 2019 - SLO Triathlon

An adjusted 1A and a special 1B service will run 8:15 AM - 5:15 PM to accommodate the SLO Triathlon.
See the detour routes here.

Rider Alert - Effective June 17, 2019

Time-point refinements have been implemented (Route 1A, 1B, 2A, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B).
See the latest schedules below.

Route 1B now serves San Luis Airport. See the new route and schedule below.

Summer service begins for all routes.

Rider Alert - Effective July 1, 2019

Discounted 31-Day Senior/Disabled Pass will be $18.00, per the City's adopted fare structure.

See additional fare information here.

For more details call 805.594.8090, email

For route and schedule information, contact Transit Dispatch at 805.541.2877. 


SLO Transit routes include Routes 1A1B2A2B3A3B4A4B. A routes (1A2A3A4A) travels clockwise and B routes (1B2B3B4B) travels counterclockwise, providing you with bidirectional service along nearly the same route. Bidirectional service gives you the most efficient route option for your travel direction.

Ride Guide Booklet (combined route information). 

Effective August 19, 2019:

2019-20 schedules are now available for the San Luis Drive Tripper (SLT) and Laguna Tripper (LT).

Effective September 19, 2019:

2019-20 schedules will be available soon for Highland Tripper (HT) and Route 6 Express (6X).

View routes within the SLO Transit Rider Portal, a web-based version of the SLO Transit App.

You're Riding an Award Winning Transit System!


2018 - CalACT (California Association for Coordinated Transportation) named SLO Transit the Outstanding Transportation Agency for 2018. The award honors an agency that has demonstrated achievement in efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service. 


2018 - Metro Magazine honored SLO Transit with the 2018 Award of Innovation, recognizing the City of San Luis Obispo’s entire reworking of its vehicle specifications to modernize its transit fleet while simultaneously improving the safety and operation of the vehicles.


2018 - APWA (American Public Works Association) honored SLO Transit with the 2017 Project of the Year — Sustainable Initiatives award for its transit fleet modernization and upgrade project.

Take a Virtual Tour!

March 9, 2017 - SLO Transit now has three upgraded buses that will replace three 2001 buses scheduled to be retired this year. These new 40-foot, low-floor vehicles were purchased thanks in part to a 1.1 million dollar federal Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) grant. In addition to having the latest emission-reduction technology and electric engine cooling, the vehicles come outfitted with many exterior and interior upgrades. Check out the interior upgrades highlighted below:


SLO Transit Rider Info: (805) 541-2877 (Routes, Schedules, Trip Planning, Lost and Found)

SLO Transit Compliments, Comments, and Complaints: (805) 594-8090 or SLO Transit Manager

Regional Bus Service (RTA): (805) 541-2228 or




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