PW Staff Directory

The following staff directory identifies key representatives from the Public Works Department. This is not a complete listing of all Public Works staff. Typical business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.
Anguiano, GamalielTransit ManagerPublic Works(805) 781-7121
Bochum, TimDeputy Director, TransportationPublic Works(805) 781-7203
Collins, AndrewStreets SupervisorPublic Works(805) 781-7043
Combs, RonUrban Forest Supervisor/City ArboristPublic Works(805) 781-7023
Cruce, GregFacilities Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works(805) 781-7048
Ferguson, JulieAdministrative Assistant - PW Corp YardPublic Works(805) 781-7220
Fuchs, AlexParking Services SupervisorPublic Works(805) 781-7553
Grigsby, DarylDirectorPublic Works(805) 781-7207
Guzman, ManuelConstruction Engineering ManagerPublic Works(805) 781-7423
Hendricks, JeffParks Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works(805) 781-7021
Horn, MattDeputy Director/City EngineerPublic Works(805) 781-7191
Hudson, Jake Transportation ManagerPublic Works(805) 781-7255
Kloepper, ShelsieEngineering TechnicianPublic Works(805) 783-7734
Nelson, BrianSupervising Civil EngineerPublic Works(805) 781-7113
Ryan, CoriAdministrative AnalystPublic Works(805) 781-7595
Shuck, IsaacFleet Maintenance SupervisorPublic Works(805) 781-7046
Simpson, PhyllisSupervising Administrative AssistantPublic Works(805) 781-7014
Zocher, GregPublic Works(805) 781-7253

If you know the name of a Public Works employee you wish to contact, you may send an email addressed as follows:

[first initial][last name]