Commemorative Grove Program

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Laguna Lake

Due to COVID-19, this program is temporarily suspended.

The City Council, in its approved annual work program for 1988-89, called for a Donor Tree Planting Program: to "Develop and implement a pilot Donor Tree Planting Program specifically in and around the Laguna Lake Park area and provide a method of recognizing the donors."

On February 7, 1989 this program was approved by the Council and the Commemorative Grove was dedicated at the Arbor Day celebration, March 4, 1989. A total of nine commemorative trees and thirty-eight windbreak trees were planted at this dedication.

Purpose of Program: This grove will allow the planting of trees by citizens or special interest groups who wish to commemorate some special event or person in their lives or significant events in the lives of the people of San Luis Obispo. These living monuments share special remembrance with present and future generations.

Location and Description: The location of the Commemorative Grove is on both sides of the entrance to Laguna Lake Park. This area is very visible and somewhat more protected from the wind than other areas of the park. Windbreak plantings are installed to protect the more sensitive commemorative trees. The walking and jogging trails will act as passageways through the grove. The entrance to the Commemorative Grove features a monument and dedication plaque. A donor’s plaque will be placed at each commemorative tree identifying the donor and the commemorated person and or event. 

Cost to Donor: The cost of the commemorative tree and the plaque may vary due to the tree size and species. Normal cost for the tree and plaque will be $410.00. City staff will assist citizens in planting commemorative trees, fifteen gallon size or larger, in a planned location within the grove.

Maintenance: The City will provide maintenance to the commemorative and windbreak trees; i.e., pruning, feeding, watering, weeding, etc. The City may replace trees due to vandalism or other conditions, but will not be responsible for replacement of damaged plaques.

To Participate: Download and print the application form and return along with a check for the appropriate amount.

For a suggested tree list click here.  


Map of the Laguna Lake Memorial Tree Grove:

Laguna Lake Memorial Trees Map