Neighborhood Traffic Assessments

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A customized Neighborhood Traffic Assessment will be developed for each neighborhood participating in the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Mitigation recommendations based on initial traffic studies and are made up of education, encouragement, enforcement and engineering tools to address the traffic concerns of the neighborhood.

Traffic Improvement Projects 

Staff's analysis of the existing traffic conditions may qualify a neighborhood for a Traffic Improvement Project. Creating a Traffic Improvement Plan takes time and neighborhood support, and can be costly; therefore the City typically completes one Traffic Improvement Project every one to two years. Neighborhoods wait on a queue and are addressed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Because a Traffic Improvement Project can have an effect on the entire neighborhood, the neighbors must vote to approve the plan before it can be presented to the City Council. A vote will be considered successful when a minimum of 51% of the study area’s households complete and return the ballot and 67% of the returned ballots support the plan. Upon City Council's approval and availability of funding, the project will be implemented and monitored.

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Completed Neighborhood Traffic Assessments 

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