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Transportation Hotline: (805) 781-7597

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  • Can I bring my bike on the bus?

  • Can I install my own traffic signs on my street? Paint artwork on the Street?

  • Can I paint the curb in front of my house red?

  • How are Speed Limits set in the City?

  • How does the City choose the location for an installation of a Traffic Signal?

  • How does the City determine installation of different colored curb?

  • How many people have to die before the City will fix my street/intersection?

  • I am having difficulty seeing the oncoming traffic at a particular intersection. How can the City help?

  • I cross an intersection without crosswalks. Can the City install a marked crosswalk or beacon flashers?

  • I live near a high school and the kids keep taking up all parking spaces in the neighborhood. What can be done about this?

  • Someone in our neighborhood has left a basketball hoop on the street creating parking restrictions. What can be done about this?

  • There is an abandoned vehicle on my street. How do I get it towed?

  • What can be done to slow down the speeding occurring on our street?

  • What is that weird (new) 3-headed signal?

  • What is the small bicycle symbol in the traffic lane at a signalized intersection?

  • What needs to occur for the City to allow a full closure of a street so we can eliminate all traffic in a neighborhood?

  • Where can I see what the City has planned for future roads or bicycle and pedestrian facilities in my neighborhood?

  • Why doesn’t the City install speed bumps to slow down the speeders?

  • Why doesn’t the City install Stop Signs to slow down the speeders?

  • Why doesn’t the City post the speed limit in my residential neighborhood?

  • Why doesn't the City install Children at Play Signs?

  • Will my bicycle be detected at a traffic signal?

  • Will the City paint the curb red in front of fire hydrants and mail boxes?