Transportation Planning and Engineering

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 Traffic Engineering

Transportation Planning

Neighborhood Traffic Management

  • The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program encourages residents to be proactive in addressing traffic safety concerns within their neighborhood;
  • See existing Neighborhood Action Plans that have been prepared for neighborhoods within San Luis Obispo;
  • Check out our Traffic Safety page to learn more about how to address traffic concerns in your neighborhood.

Public Engagement and Education Campaigns

  • Check out the City's recent public engagement and educational campaigns for two new (to SLO) transportation facilities:
  • Click here to learn more about planned transportation improvement as part of next summer's neighborhood resealing project!


  • How does the City determine installation of different colored curb?
  • Someone in our neighborhood has left a basketball hoop on the street creating parking restrictions. What can be done about this?
  • Can I ride my bike on sidewalks in the City?
  • What does a green bike lane mean?
  • What is a bike box?
  • What is the small bicycle symbol in the traffic lane at a signalized intersection?
  • Will my bicycle be detected at a traffic signal?
  • Are there bicycle education opportunities within San Luis Obispo?
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Transportation Projects

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Projects that improve mobility in San Luis Obispo