Pavement Maintenance

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The pavement maintenance program maintains the paved portion of all streets under City jurisdiction. Program goals are to ensure smooth, safe, and clean street pavement and an efficient traffic flow.

This program has four major activities:

  • Pavement Maintenance: Maintaining serviceable street pavements and reconstructing failed sections; annually evaluating overall pavement condition and recommending locations for contract reconstruction, resurfacing, and resealing; paving existing streets to meet newly-installed curbs and gutters; paving utility trenches; grading and oiling gravel streets and alleys; grading unimproved shoulders and applying herbicide to control weeds; installing asphalt berms in lieu of curbs.

      » See our Pavement Management Plan page for a project map and more information!
  • Sweeping: Sweeping and disposing of dirt and debris on City streets.
  • Solid Waste Disposal: Collecting and disposing of waste collected from all Public Works maintenance activities; recycling excavated asphalt and concrete.
  • Safety Assurance: Conducting safety meetings for streets programs as required by OSHA; installing traffic barricades for parades, Farmers' Markets, accidents, and fires.

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