General Street Maintenance

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The General Street Maintenance program maintains curbs, gutters, sidewalks, signs, and pavement markings on City streets. Program goals are safe and smooth sidewalks and safe and efficient traffic circulation.

This program has three major activities:

  • General Street Maintenance: Constructing new concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks; repairing concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks; pruning street tree roots; installing and repairing dead end barriers, survey monument wells, parking meter posts, bus shelters, bus benches, and bike racks.
  • Pavement Marking Maintenance: Installing and maintaining pavement markings, curb markings, and signs; repainting stop bars, parking tees, and "path of history" lines; periodically replacing thermoplastic school crosswalks; maintaining pavement markings in City parking lots.
  • Street Sign Maintenance: Fabricating and installing standard traffic control signs; fabricating and installing special signs; installing disabled access signs as required by state codes.


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