Parks and Landscape Maintenance

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The parks and landscape maintenance program maintains parks, landscaped areas, and open spaces within the City. Through this program, the city strives to maintain safe, useful, and attractive parks and landscaped areas for the enjoyment of all our citizens and visitors.

This program has three major activities:

  • Maintenance - Maintaining large landscaped areas in developed parks and on grounds used jointly with other agencies for City recreation programs; maintaining landscaped areas around small parks, community gardens, parking lots, street medians, sound walls, and City buildings; providing janitorial maintenance for park restrooms and other park buildings; collecting and disposing of waste from trash containers in parks; grooming and marking playing fields; sweeping and maintaining game courts; seasonal algae control of Laguna Lake; patrolling and removing water hazards from Laguna Lake; managing and maintaining designated open space areas; assisting sponsors of events using City facilities; servicing and repairing landscape maintenance equipment.
  • Improvement - Proposing capital improvement projects for parks and landscaped areas; managing minor capital maintenance projects for parks and landscaped areas; inspecting playgrounds for compliance with safety regulations; monitoring irrigation water use and proposing conservation measures.
  • Training - Conducting safety training required by OSHA; conducting technical training.

For more information on our park trees, please see our Urban Forest pages.

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