Flood Control Program

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Creek & Flood ControlProgram Description
The flood control program maintains all storm drain facilities and creeks within the City and coordinates emergency response during heavy storms. Program goals are 1) a well-designed and well-maintained storm drainage system which prevents loss of life and minimizes property damage from flooding and 2) a creek system maintained in its natural state. This program has two major activities:

  • Storm drain and creek maintenance
    Cleaning and maintaining creeks and storm drainage facilities; constructing various improvements to stabilize creek banks; locating underground storm drainage facilities for Underground Service Alert; coordinating cooperative creek maintenance among property owners and public agencies; inspecting waterways passing through private property for litter and pollution.
  • Storm emergency response
    Responding to calls for emergency assistance during and after heavy storms; distributing sandbags during heavy storms.

Get Ready

 For more information on how to prepare for winter storms, please see our Get Ready SLO pages.These includes a Winter Weather Guide, a Flood Preparation GuideSand Bag information and SLO's Flood Zone Map. Visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) site for more information.


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