Facilities Maintenance

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Swim Center

The Swim Center, also known as Sinsheimer Pool, is a municipal swimming facility built in 1979 as an extension of Sinsheimer Park master plan. Located at 900 Southwood Drive, the Swim Center is jointly operated by staff from two City departments:

There are two public pools on the property; a 750,000-gallon, 50-meter by 25-yard Olympic pool; and a 25,000-gallon, 20-foot by 50-foot Therapy pool.

There are two bath houses on the property. The main bath house is the larger of the two and has been the primary public use building since 1984. The original bath house, built in 1979, is currently used by the Swim Club and for overflow events. It also houses the mechanical areas where circulation, filtration and treatments systems are located for the main pool.

Programming of activities is managed by the Aquatics Division of Parks and Recreation. They schedule and oversee all public recreational use of the pools and work closely with Building Maintenance staff to provide safe and efficient availability of the pools for everything from open public swimming to Nationally recognized competitive swim meets. In addition, all housekeeping services are provided by Parks and Recreation Aquatics staff. E-mail inquiries for information about the Swim Center's activities or for housekeeping issues can be made directly to the Parks and Recreation Department Recreation Supervisor.

Facility maintenance is handled by Building Maintenance, a Division of Public Works. Technical staff are at the site daily and are responsible for maintaining all the chemical and mechanical systems. The most current equipment and controller technology are installed and monitored to insure there is always safe and clean water in both pools, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

E-mail inquiries for information about the Swim Center's physical plant can be made directly to either the Public Works Department Building Maintenance Supervisor.

The Olympic and Therapy pools are chemically treated to maintain state standards for safe operation. Each pool is treated using the same chemical methods - a combination of Liquid Chlorine and Acid. Chlorine is the primary disinfectant with Acid used to maintain pH balance.

Olympic Pool
Water disinfection is achieved using the Chlorine and Acid which are both stored and dispensed from large sealed tanks. The chemicals are precisely metered into the filtered water circulation line by way of an electronic dispensing system.

Therapy Pool
Liquid Chlorine and Acid are also used for water disinfection. The chemicals are precisely metered into the filtered water circulation piping by way of an electronic dispensing system.

In addition to chemical treatment, mechanical cleaning of pool water and the plaster pool shells is collectively accomplished by several methods: Sand filtration for the both the Olympic and Therapy Pools; mechanical vacuuming of the plaster shell using a self-propelled, remotely controlled underwater vacuum; and hand brushing and vacuuming of the plaster shells from the deck. All these combined methods insure the cleanest conditions possible are consistently provided.

Both pools are heated by direct fire gas boilers. The large pool uses three 1,000,000 BTU boilers. The Therapy Pool uses one 450,000 BTU boiler.

The three larger units "stage" their firing as needed and each extracts residual heat from their exhaust gas when in operation. This helps each boiler achieve an efficiency rating in the high 90 percentile range while still being very effective in balancing gas usage with heat demand.