Bicycling Documents

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Bicycle Planning Documents

All bikeway project are listed in Appendix A of the plan. Note that where bikeways are included within specific planning areas or where the City Council has adopted route plans for a particular bikeway, these adopted plans shall guide the bikeway's more precise placement. You can find a listing of these plans on page 18 of the Bicycle Plan. Since the Railroad Safety Trail (RRST) and Bob Jones City-to-Sea Trail are major Class I bicycle trails in the Bicycle Plan, their detailed specific plans are linked below. (Due to file size, files of the component pieces are listed as well as the complete document files. All are Adobe .pdf format.)

RailRoad Safety Trail (pdf)

Bob Jones City-to-Sea Trail (pdf)

RRST Complete (21.3Mb)

Bob Jones Pathway - Octagon Barn Connection Study (6.91Mb)

RRST Table of Contents(472kb)

• Bob Jones complete (complete files are too large - please refer to section pieces below or ask at the Public Works counter, 919 Palm Street.)

RRST Section 1 (126kb)

Bob Jones Table of Contents (515kb)

RRST Section 2 (3.5Mb)

Bob Jones Section 1 (126kb)

RRST Appendix a, cost (7.8Mb)

Bob Jones Pgs. 2.1 - 2.5 (205kb)

RRST Appendix b, plans (4.2Mb)

Bob Jones Pgs. 2.6 - 2.7(2.6Mb)

RRST Appendix c (2Mb)

Bob Jones Pgs. 2.8 - 2.9 (2.5Mb)

RRST Appendix d and e (3.8Mb)

Bob Jones Pgs. 2.10 - 2.12 (5.2Mb)


Bob Jones Pgs. 2.13 - 2.14 (2.1Mb)


Bob Jones Pgs 2.15 - 2.27 (8.0Mb)


Bob Jones Pgs 2.28 - 2.35 (944kb)


Bob Jones Appendices: A, B (4.7Mb)


Bob Jones Appendix: C (151kb)


Bob Jones Appendix:D, no map (151kb)


Appendix D:segment 1 map (2.25Mb)


Appendix D:segment 2 map (2.25Mb)


Appendix D:segment 3, 4maps (9.2Mb)


Appendix D:segment 4, 3maps (6.4Mb)


Bob Jones Appendix: E (147kb)


Simple alignment graphic (88kb)


Bicycle Program Accomplishments are presented in the following reports and project announcements:

Bicycle Counts
Beginning in 1996, the City of San Luis Obispo instituted a program of counting bicycle traffic at various street intersections throughout the community. The survey was done every two years to note overall use, trends and to examine needs. Since 2012, bicycle counts are collected as part of our City-Wide Traffic Counts Program.


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