Biking in San Luis Obispo

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Jennifer Bridge 1Whether you ride your bike for transportation or recreation, bicycling is FUN! Especially here in San Luis Obispo.

Our vision is that all San Luis Obispo residents will have access to a well-designed and maintained network of interconnected bikeways linking City destinations. Where bicyclists share streets with motorists, sufficient space will be reserved for their passage. Once at their destinations, bicyclists will find convenient and secure places to park. Bicycling education opportunities will be available for both children and adults, offering the ability to learn how to safely use bicycles for daily transportation needs. Bicycling becomes an important element of the City's economy, with connections provided to important regional destinations such as beaches and inland parks. For tourists and residents alike, the careful location and design of off-street paths allow them to appreciate unique community features."

San Luis Obispo—a Bicycle Friendly Community

Bob Jones LOVR ConnectionOur city has been designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists since 2007 and was recognized at a GOLD level in 2015. This is largely in part to our extensive bicycle network which includes over 75 miles of bike paths, bike lanes, and on-street facilities as well as over 150 secured bicycle parking spaces.

As a bicycle-friendly community, the City of San Luis Obispo is leaving a positive footprint on the environment by encouraging commuters to shift from motor vehicles to bicycles, reducing the number of vehicle trips and miles traveled in the community, reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.


Bicycle Maps and Planning Documents

City of San Luis Obispo Bicycle Map

 Existing and Planned Bicycle Facilities


Bicycle Parking Map

City of SLO Bicycle Transportation Plan and other bicycle documents

Additional Local Bicycling Maps 

Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement, & Evaluation            


Education. The City provides various bicycle education opportunities for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

  • Bike SLO County offers bicycle education to students and residents to feel confident and comfortable on their bicycles. Workshops are taught by certified instructors and held throughout the year.
  • SLO Transit drivers participate annually in a bicyclist safety training session. Cal Poly students are also educated at the beginning of each school year during SOAR about sustainable transportation and how to take their bicycle on the bus.

Encouragement. The City's Police, Public Works and Parks and Recreation Department partner annually to put on a Bike Rodeo to educate children on safe bicycle riding skills. Approximately 200 children participate. 

Engineering. San Luis Obispo has a Complete Streets policy ensuring that consideration of bicyclists occur during the design, planning and engineering phases of its transportation projects. The Bicycle Transportation Plan identifies over 50 infrastructure projects that will improve the bicycle network.

Enforcement. The Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit actively cites distracted drivers, speeding drivers, and drivers under the influence—all major contributors to motor-vehicle/bicycle collisions. Officers also cite illegal maneuvers of bicyclists such as not obeying traffic signs and signals or riding after dark without a head light.
Another enforcement program the Police Department offers is a voluntary Bicycle Registration Program to help in recovering stolen bicycles. You can register your bike here.

Evaluation & Planning. Many of the bicycle projects within the City have been a result of planning, engineering, and design. The award-winning Bicycle Transportation Plan provides a guide for the development of future projects, while design and engineering efforts allow for the completion of both bicycle facility improvement and bicycle Capital Improvement projects