Administrative Support Services

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Public Works

The public works administration program helps plan, direct and evaluate all of the public works operating programs. Public works administration also assists the operating programs with various administrative, property management services and implementation of the 5-Year Strategic Plan. The program goal is delivery of responsive and competitive public works services through teamwork, good communication, and appropriate technology. This program has four major activities:

  • Public Works Department Leadership: Representing Public Works Department programs before the public, the Council, department heads and other public agencies; refining and articulating the public works department vision and values.
  • Organization Development: Encouraging teamwork and open communication; reducing response time for service requests; soliciting feedback from customers; adapting new technology to better deliver services; striving to be competitive in quality and cost with the private sector and other public agencies; recognizing, using, and developing the talents of all public works employees.
  • Administrative Assistance: Preparing the public works department operating and capital budgets; administering personnel and procurement policies; providing clerical services to all public works programs; maintaining department applications on local area networks located at 919 Palm Street, the Corporation Yard, and the Marsh Street Parking Services Offices.
  • Property Management: Assessing needs for office, meeting and storage space and managing remodeling projects to accommodate changing needs; negotiating and closing property acquisitions, sales, and leases.
Administrative Support Services