Neighborhood Traffic Management

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The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to enhancing the safety and quality of life in San Luis Obispo’s neighborhoods. Increased vehicular volume and speeds within neighborhoods has been a concern among neighborhood residents. The City’s Neighborhood Traffic Management (NTM) Program encourages residents to be directly involved in developing strategies to addressing traffic issues within their neighborhood. The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program utilizes engineering, education, and enforcement tools to ensure equitable and effective solutions. 

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Neighborhood Traffic Management Process

Step 1. Request for Action. Residents can request action by submitting an application to the Public Works Transportation Division at 919 Palm Street or by calling (805) 781-7597.

Step 2. Traffic Studies. Transportation staff will visit the neighborhood and conduct initial traffic studies which may include collecting neighborhood speeds, volumes, and reviewing collision patterns.

Step 3. Neighborhood Traffic Assessment. Transportation staff will prepare a customized Neighborhood Traffic Assessment for each neighborhood with recommendations based on the data collected from the studies. Recommendations will be made up of education, encouragement, enforcement and engineering tools to address the traffic concerns of the neighborhood.


Check out our Traffic Safety Toolkit to learn more about how to address traffic concerns in your neighborhood.



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