Programs and Services

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The City of San Luis Obispo Public Works Department provides two primary services: providing safe mobility options for residents, businesses and visitors, and maintaining the public’s infrastructure and assets. Both of these functions are accomplished by delivering services and programs, maintaining and operating public facilities, designing and constructing capital projects, and inspecting and reviewing the public components of private development.

Safe mobility options are provided through transportation planning, traffic circulation, traffic safety, parking services, street maintenance, transit services, sidewalks, and bike facilities. Maintenance of public infrastructure includes parks, trees, streets, City buildings, the City fleet, storm drains, and other public structures.

The Department accomplishes its two primary functions through the organizational structure of a City Engineer and Division responsible for Capital Projects, Streets, Parks, Trees, Bridges and Storm Drains, and a Transportation Deputy Director and Division responsible for Transportation, Transit, Parking, and City Fleet. Both of these critical functions are supported and directed by Public Works Administration.

 Public Works Programs and Services

Administrative Support Services  CIP Engineering  Creek & Flood Control 

Facilities Maintenance Services  Fleet Services  Parking Services 

  Parks & Landscape Maintenance  Streets & Sidewalk Maintenance  Traffic Signal & Street Lights   

    Transit Services  Transportation Planning & Engineering  Urban Forest