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  • Parking Services

    • Are there any other options for parking other than the meters?

    • How do I appeal a citation?

    • How do I use the new credit Card meters?

    • How soon after issuance must I pay a ticket?

    • I live near a high school and the kids keep taking up all parking spaces in the neighborhood. What can be done about this?

    • I received a citation. How do I pay for it?

    • If I receive a citation while parked at a broken meter, what can I do?

    • There is an abandoned vehicle on my street. How do I get it towed?

    • What are the hours of meter operation?

    • What are the Parking Services office hours?

    • What happens if I do not pay for a Parking Violation on time?

    • What is a Residential Parking Permit District?

    • What should I do if the meter I park at is broken?

    • What types of parking permits are available for purchase?

    • Where can I park my motorcycle, moped, and bicycle?

    • Where can I park my over-sized vehicle or RV?

    • Where does the money go that is collected from the parking meters and citations?

    • Where is the Parking Services office located?