Community Dashboard - Crime Statistics

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The Community Dashboard is a tool which provides the user the ability to view various types of offenses that have occurred in the City of San Luis Obispo over a specific period of time.  The "dashboard" shows offenses in a statistical easy to read fashion.


To map the offenses, click on the box that appears to the left of the crime category.  Below are the types of offenses shown in the dashboard:

Burglary - nonresidential and residential
Robbery - bank, business, and residential
Property Theft - theft of any property, includes burglary from vehicles
Vehicle Theft - stolen vehicles
Alcohol Offenses - intoxication in public, minor in possession, open container, driving under the influence, etc.
Non-Aggravated Assault - does not involve use of a weapon, no serious or aggravated injuries to victim
Aggravated Assault - unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury
Sexual Assaults - includes rape, attempted rape, fondling, sodomy, incest, with object, and statutory rape
Party Noise

Although calls for service may result in multiple offenses per incident, only the highest (most significant) reportable offense is shown on the dashboard.  The data shown may not always be finalized due to internal processing time delays.  All addresses have been changed to show approximate locations due to the need for privacy in some cases.