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New! Sound Map Activity! Click here


All About Birds - Virtual Birding! 

 Great Apps to help entertain Children Outdoors:

  • For plant identification use: Seek by iNaturalist
  • Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab
  • eBird by Cornell Lab  

Build a plant press & start an herbarium (plant library): You can clip a piece of the plant and press it into a plant press book!

Click Here

Wilderness Wednesday Challenge: Go on a hike in open space to look for the wilderness Wednesday resident of the week 

Scavenger Hunts: Go on these scavenger hunts or make up your own as a family - Click Here

Start a Nature Journal: Click Here

Seven Sisters Crossword Puzzle: Click Here

National Geographic: Native Americans - CA | Click Here

Build a Bird House: Habitat is very important for birds! You can build the perfect nest box for your backyard! Click Here

Type in the region then select ‘Open Woodland’ or ‘Town’ then pick the species of bird house you’ll build. Click Here

Build an Owl Box

Owl’s are a key predator to keeping rodent populations down. Some people even use them to manage their land and take care of their crops.

Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society - Barn Owl’s: The Secret Saviors of Napa’s Wineries

  • Activity: Owling at night - use your ears and eyes to possibly see owls in the act. They like to sit on telephone poles at sunset. Click Here