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SLO Prepared!

Welcome to the City of San Luis Obispo's community preparedness page. This page will be updated with information regarding the City's actions in preparing for emergencies as well as information for our residents and businesses to guide your preparation efforts.

Our current focus is on storm and flood preparedness. We hope you take the time to explore this page and the many links provided. 

City Preparedness Efforts

At the bottom of this page is the City of San Luis Obispo's interactive flood map which shows the established flood zones in the City. Also included are the locations for filling sandbags. Please note: sand will only be made available when the City anticipates receiving a significant amount of rainfall in the coming days. To learn more, visit our Sand Bag Information page.

A cross-departmental team of City staff has been convened to ensure continued collaboration on our storm preparation efforts. Recently this team prepared a spreadsheet of storm preparation-related activities and conducted a gap analysis of our preparation efforts. Some of these activities were highlighted in a September 2015 City Council Memorandum. The full version of this working document has been summarized for your information at this link: Storm Preparation by Department spreadsheet.

In 2014, the City updated its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan.  This document assesses the different risks in our community and provides a template for ongoing efforts to mitigate risk and enhance recovery.  The entire document can be reviewed online: San Luis Obispo's 2014 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Suffice to say, the City has been planning for a robust rainy season for many years.  Finally, it appears Mother Nature is going to comply!

Your Preparedness

Preparing yourself and your home is essential.  A good starting point for all disaster preparedness is to make sure you are prepared for 72 hours of self survival.  In other words, do you have enough food, water, medicine, batteries, cash, pet food, and other essential items that you can use in the absence of public utilities (electricity, water, and natural gas) for three or more days?  To learn more about home and business preparedness, please visit our pages dedicated to the Homeowner's Tool Kit for Preparedness, Disaster Preparedness for Your Home, and Business Continuity Planning.

We hope this winter's rainy season will provide some much needed drought relief without damaging our community. We hope for the best, but plan for the worst. We appreciate your partnership in this effort.

Click below to access the SLO City Flood Map