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Plan Check General Information


The Fire Prevention Division provides in-house plan review services. The Division enforces: the 2013 California Fire Code (as amended by the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code), the State Fire Marshal regulations of Title 19 and 24 (California Fire, Building, Mechanical and Electrical Codes), and the National Fire Protection Association standards for review of new construction and tenant improvements for:

  • Life-Safety Requirements.
  • Fire protection, detection and alarm systems.
  • Assembly use-occupancies.
  • High-piled storage conditions.
  • Title 19 occupancies and uses (licensed facilities, tents, assemblies.)
  • Photovoltaic uses.
  • Process installations using or removing hazardous materials.
  • Requirements for Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Areas

Life-Safety Plan Review Process & Schedule:

Fire Protection System Construction/Alteration Permits:

Projects that require fire department permit or approval are listed in California Fire Code Chapter 1 Section 105, as amended by the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code. Any Installation, modification or alteration of a fire suppression or fire alarm system requires separate plan review and permit. To submit plans for review, complete an application with the Community Development Department, Building Division located at 919 Palm Street, prior to submitting 3 sets of plans at the counter. Your plans will be routed to the Fire Department for review. Plans are reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis. Our goal is to approve projects with the first submittal, because denying a project makes the process longer for everyone. The San Luis Obispo Fire Department’s Developers Guide can provide assistance to design professionals prior to plan submittal. Fire Department Plan Check Schedule identifies project turn-around times (other than building permit applications). Our goal is to complete plan reviews within 4 weeks of submittal.

Building Permits:

Projects requiring a building permit should follow the Building Permit Process. One set of plans will be routed to the Fire department for the life-safety review. Under normal workload conditions, the life-safety review will generally meet the target date published in the Building and Safety Division Plan Check Turn-around time schedule except for outside plan check services.

Fire Department Required Inspections:

Conditions of approval list requirements from the Fire Department, including necessary inspections. All requirements and inspections must be completed prior to receiving final approval (permit sign-off) from the Fire department. Schedule inspections by calling 805-783-7775.