Fire Prevention Services & Programs

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Plan Check Review which involves technical review of submitted plans with a focus on Fire and Life Safety Standards of the California Fire and Building Codes. Partnering with developers, builders, and business and home owners, the Fire Prevention Bureau is active on the design side of development activities to make sure our "built environment" is safe.

Fire and Life Safety Inspection and Enforcement which provides a comprehensive fire prevention inspection service and enforcement for compliance with the California Fire Code. The Fire Prevention Bureau partners with business owners to ensure their continued safety in our community.

Hazardous Materials Program which provides a comprehensive inspection and environmental regulation service under the California Fire Code and Health and Safety Code for new construction, tenant improvements and annual permit occupancies.

Vegetation Management Program involves enforcement of the City's Weed Abatement program including actions to address hazardous weed accumulation, dead pine trees, the Hazardous Fuel Reduction program in the City's Open Space, and reviews landscaping and vegetation management plans for development in the Very High Fire Severity Zones in the City. The Fire Prevention Bureau partners with the City Natural Resources Manager in prioritizing and addressing many of these issues.

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