Fire Stations & Facilities

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The City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department deploys resources and personnel from four fire stations in order to maintain the response time goal of 4 minutes travel time to 95% of all emergencies.  The configuration of the City along with the transportation thoroughfare challenges of US Highway 101 and the Southern Pacific Railroad - both of which slice through the City - create unique response challenges for the Fire Department in our small and vibrant community.  Additionally, although the Cal Poly campus is not within the City's boarders, the Fire Department provides primary fire and medical response to Cal Poly.  

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Fire Station One is located south of downtown at 2160 Santa Barbara Avenue.  The newest firehouse in the city, Fire Station One was completed in 1996.  It houses the Fire Administrative staff, the Fire Prevention Bureau, and the department’s apparatus maintenance shop, the City's Emergency Operations Center (which doubles as the Department's lone training classroom) as well as emergency response personnel and apparatus. On the emergency response side, this station is staffed by a Battalion Chief and a 4-person paramedic truck company.

Fire Station Two is located near the Cal Poly campus at 126 N. Chorro.  Fire Stations Two and Four are located on the opposite side of US Highway 101 from Fire Stations One and Three.  Built in 1954, Fire Station Two is the oldest station in the City. The station is staffed with a 3-person paramedic engine company.

Fire Station Three is located approximately 1 mile southeast of Fire Station One as the crow flies at 1280 Laurel Lane; however, Fire Station Three is the only fire station on the east side of the Southern Pacific Railroad line.  Completed in 1960 to cover growth at the south end of the city, Station 3 is located at the corner of Laurel Lane and Augusta Street. The station is staffed by a 3-person paramedic engine company.

Fire Station Four is the western-most station and is located in the area of Laguna Lake at 1395 Madonna Road. Constructed in 1978, Fire Station Number Four is located at the intersection of Madonna Road and Los Osos Valley Road in a region of the City that saw significant retail development in the last decade. The station is staffed by a 3-person paramedic engine company.