After The Disaster

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Following a Disaster

Following the devastating Southern California fires, Bob Hamilton wrote an article for the California Fire Service Magazine published February, 2008 in which the California Casualty Insurance company provided the following checklist of important items to consider following a catastrophic loss.

  1. First contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report your loss and provide general description of damages.

  2. Prepare a list of damaged or lost items

  3. Keep damaged items or portions of those items until the claims adjuster has visited your home. DO NOT throw anything away that you plan to claim without discussing it with your adjuster.

  4. Keep receipts for all additional expenses such as lodging, kenneling, supplies, food and other expenses.

  5. Keep copies of other documents; i.e. taxes. If you have lost important documents, find your appropriate agency or vendor by clicking here.

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City of San Luis Obispo Emergency Operations Plan

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Another great source of reference is the Business Continuity Plan. This plan is a guide to help businesses prepare to quickly recover from a disaster.