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SLO City Fire
2160 Santa Barbara Ave,
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Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Monday-Friday, closed on national holidays or as posted

 Map for AEDs, fire station locations, sandbags and more.

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Fire Department

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Serving you is our Mission

In an emergency, you simply want your Fire Department to work quickly, skillfully, and compassionately. We understand and have the same expectation of our service to you.

A full-service fire department, your San Luis Obispo City Fire Department protects the lives and property of its residents and visitors from the adverse effects of fires, medical emergencies and other dangers caused by man or nature. We fulfill our mission with commitment, courage, and compassion.

The Fire Department recently completed a major planning document, the City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department Strategic Plan 2018-2023. This document evolved from input from Fire Department employees, our community, and City leadership. It helps for the foundation for establishing priorities, allocating resources and time, and guiding decision making. Fire Department leadership will return to the City Council annually to provide updates on progress as well as to communicate future work priorities and initiatives. 

Here are six functional areas of your San Luis Obispo City Fire Department, also captured in our organizational chart:

Fire Administration has a staff of four professionals who provide strategic leadership, supervision, administrative functions, mentoring and training, budget development and coordination.

Fire Emergency Response (Operations) has a staff of 42 professional firefighters dedicated to 24/7 all-hazards emergency response, including advanced life support, and two skilled mechanics responsible for maintaining all specialty apparatus and equipment.  Visit our Emergency Response photos page or our Twitter feed to see our crews in action.

Fire Prevention & Education has a staff of five professionals who perform plans review, fire inspections, fire investigations, and public education coordination.

Fire Training has no dedicated staff: this functional area maintains the skills and certifications necessary for our diverse and highly technical emergency response mission. Visit our Training photos page to see the latest training activities.

Fire Technical Services has no dedicated staff: this functional area maintains supplies and equipment for our business operations.

Community Disaster Preparedness has no dedicated staff: this functional area connects with other City staff, citizens and community groups to increase San Luis Obispo's preparedness for and resilience in the event of disaster.

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