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 Plastic Bottles


On November 7, 2017, the City Council approved an ordinance to regulate the sale and distribution of single-use plastic bottled beverages having a capacity of 21 fluid ounces or less, and intended primarily as a single service container on City Property. Additionally, in the event that containers greater than 21 ounces in size are utilized, single-use containers (e.g. single-use plastic cups) may not be used in the serving of beverages. The use of reusable containers is required. 

Read the ordinance here.

Read the report to the City Council here.


The provisions of this ordinance do not apply to

  • Emergencies
  • The sale/distribution of bottled beverages to participants of a participant athletic event
  • An event where the applicant submitted a complete application for review, or received approval, prior to the effective date of this ordinance

Nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to impair a lease, contract, permit, bid proposal, solicitation, or other form of agreement to which the City is a party on the effective date of this ordinance, March 1, 2018.  


The ordinance will be effective March 1, 2018.