Orcutt Area Specific Plan

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Nestled at the base of the Santa Lucia foothills, the Orcutt Area provides a variety of scenic resources for residents of the area and travelers along Orcutt Road and Tank Farm Road, including views of Righetti Hill, Islay Hill and the Santa Lucia foothills.

Located along the southwestern edge of the city limits of San Luis Obispo and bounded by Orcutt Road, railroad and Tank Farm Road, the area encompasses 230 acres of land at the base of Righetti Hill.

The Orcutt Area Specific Plan calls for a residential neighborhood with up to 979 homes and a variety of housing types, parks and recreational opportunities including bicycle and pedestrian paths, and natural habitat and visual resource protection in open space areas. 

The City envisions the area including hillside and creek open space areas with bike and pedestrian paths, and a public park with a potential school site surrounded by residential neighborhoods. A modest community commercial retail and office zone is also proposed.  


On March 2, 2010, the City Council approved the Final Draft of the Orcutt Area Specific Plan (OASP). The City Council has also certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the project and approved the area for annexation into the City. The OASP and FEIR were the subject of 17 public hearings by the Commission and other City advisory bodies from 2008 to 2010 (staff reports for these meetings are provided below).

The annexation of the Orcutt Area was finalized on November 16, 2011 as a result of the November 15th special election. The Orcutt Area is now a part of the City of San Luis Obispo.  A letter welcoming Orcutt Area residents to the City with information regarding City services was sent by Mayor Jan Marx on December 12, 2011: Orcutt Area Welcome Letter.

Environmental Information

Please visit our Environmental Review Documents page to download the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and other documents for this project.

Other Documents

OASP/Council Agenda Report (8-17-10)
City Council Agenda Report (3-2-2010) (7mb, .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (12-10-09) (3.5mb, .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (10-28-09) (1mb, .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (8-26-09) (3.3 mb, .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (12-17-08) (2.7mb .pdf)
Visual simulations of proposed Industrial Way bridge (1mb .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (6-25-08) (2.5mb .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (5-28-08) (2mb .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (5-14-08) (100K .pdf)
Architectural Review Commission Agenda Report (5-5-08) (2mb .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (4-23-08) (2mb .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (4-9-08) (2mb .pdf)
Bicycle Advisory Committee Agenda Report (3-27-08) (500k .pdf)
Cultural Heritage Committee Agenda Report (3-24-08) (1mb .pdf)
Planning Commission Agenda Report (Study Session, 2-27-08) (2 mb .pdf)
City Council Agenda Report (Study Session, 2-12-08) (1.75mb .pdf)

For questions related to the Orcutt Area Specific Plan, please contact:  Doug Davidson, Deputy Director Development Review, at (805) 781-7177 (